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Basic Requirements

  • Personal appearance of the applicant
  • Duly accomplished passport application form
  • Affidavit of Loss or Damage
  • Cash payment for passport replacement and notarization fees

Additional Requirements for Lost Passports

  • Written police report
  • Photocopy of lost passport or applicant’s NSO-certified birth certificate

Additional Requirements for Damaged Passports

  • Affidavit of explanation detailing the circumstances that brought about the damage to the passport;
  • If the details of the pasport are unrecognizable/unreadable, a copy of the applicant's birth certificate shall be required.

Important Notes

  • The mandatory period of 15 days shall be applied to applicants whose passports were issued in the Philippines.  Once the application is received, the Consular Officer shall prepare a report and request for verification to DFA-OCA.  If after the waiting period DFA-OCA has not responded, the Consular Officer shall process the application for passport.
  • For applicants whose passports were issued at Post, the Consular Officer shall make the necessary verifications from the Consular Records of the the Embassy and process the new passport application.  Verification shall mean tracing the passport records of the applicant and attaching a copy to the new application.
  • Collection of passports / travel documents may be delegated provided there is a proper letter of authorization.
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