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Former Filipinos may re-acquire their Philippine citizenship through Republic Act (RA) No. 9225 or the Citizenship Retention and Re-acquisition Act. This law, which took effect on 17 September 2003, declares that former natural-born Filipino citizens who acquired foreign citizenship through naturalization are deemed not to have lost their Philippine citizenship under conditions provided in the Act. A former Filipino can re-acquire Philippine citizenship by taking the oath of allegiance to the Republic of the Philippines.


  • Duly accomplished application form
  • Birth certificate issued by the NSO duly authenticated by DFA. In case the birth certificate is not available, other documentary proof of the applicant’s being a former natural-born Filipino citizen.
  • Certificate of Naturalization. Since the Act requires that the “loss of Philippine citizenship by the applicant must be on account of naturalization as a citizen of a foreign country”,  the  applicant should submit documents showing the fact of his naturalization as a citizen of a foreign country.
  • Authenticated marriage certificate, if married
  • Authenticated death certificate, if widowed
  • Annulment, if the marriage is annulled. The court decision to nullify the marriage must be certified by the proper court and authenticated by DFA.
  • Divorce decree, if divorcee. It must be certified by the proper court.
  • Three (3) 2 X 2 photos (white background) with the following view: left side view, front view and right side view
  • Payment of consular service fee of ZAR225 for taking an Oath of Allegiance for the re-acquisition of Philippine Citizenship


  • Order of Approval will be issued by the consular officer of the embassy which shall be the substantive proof that applicant has re-acquired/retained Philippine citizenship
  • Oath of Allegiance to be undertaken by the consular officer after the Order of Approval is issued

The processing of the application will take two (2) working days.

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