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Non-Filipino minors below fifteen (15) years of age, who are traveling unaccompanied and are not joining a parent in the Philippines, are required to apply for a Waiver of Exclusion Ground (WEG) at the Philippine Embassy in order to be admitted entry in the Philippines regardless of whether or not the minor requires a visa.

Applications for the Waiver of Exclusion Ground (WEG) are processed and approved by the Bureau of Immigration in Manila, subject to the following conditions:

  • Submission of Affidavit of Request and Consent by either parent or legally appointed guardian of the child, naming the person who will be accompanying the child to the Philippines and with whom the child will reside while in the Philippines
    • Clear photocopy of the data page of the child’s passport
    • Clear photocopy of the data page of the passport of accompanying adult or guardian
  • Payment of the WEG fee at the Bureau of Immigration-NAIA upon arrival of the minor child/children
  • Cash payment for notarization services (ZAR375)