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  • To serve the Filipino public and communities under our jurisdiction with courtesy and efficiency and with principled discipline;
  • In our Embassy, to instill a spirit of nationalism, inclusivity and cooperation, transparency trust, mutual courtesy, initiative and creativity;
  • Vis-à-vis our host country and the countries in the Embassy's jurisdiction, to promote trade, culture, tourism, education, and other goals as may be formulated.



  • Act toward our publics with the Filipino values of courtesy and respect and a renewed spirit of efficiency.
  • Promote the values mentioned above among ourselves,
  • Work toward establishing or bettering ties with our host country and those under our jurisdictions.


Strategic Objectives

  • Enhancement of Bilateral Relations
  • Enhancing the visibility of the Philipines
  • Strengthening assistance to Filipinos in Post's jurisdiction through pro-active projects/programs
  • Strengthening of support services